{{{ langTrans "Oops!" "text" }}}

{{{ langTrans "We're sorry, but it appears you've run into an issue." "text" }}}

{{{ langTrans "If you are using the app, we first recommend that you restart the app, which generally will fix the issue." "html" }}}
{{{ langTrans "If you don't know how to do that, please check out:" "text" }}}

{{{ langTrans "iPhone and iPad instructions" "text" }}}
{{{ langTrans "or" "text" }}}
{{{ langTrans "Android device instructions" "text" }}}

{{{ langTrans "If restarting the app didn't work, or if you aren't using the app (you're using a web browser):" "text" }}}

{{{ langTrans "Open in your web browser." "text" }}}

{{{ langTrans "The web version provides the exact same functionality as the app, you just need to login with the same username and password." "text" }}}

{{{ langTrans "Please feel free to email support to reach out to us directly." "html" }}} {{{ langTrans "We would be happy to help you! Thank you for your patience." "text" }}}

{{{ langTrans " - The TALON Team" "html" }}}